Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Today is the first day of school at newly-constructed James L. Masters Elementary School. My husband has the privilege of being one of the teachers to open this new school. Construction was behind schedule (plus two entire wings of the building were left off and will have to be constructed while school is going on, meaning they might need to set up portables already) The teachers only had a few days to get moved in and set up, but Billy's an old pro at this by now and I think his room looks great.

Friday I took the kids over to see where Daddy goes to work every day. Here they are goofing around in his classroom library.

This is the computer area. Everything is brand-new. Note the plastic on the filing cabinets.

One of my favorite features of his classroom is the giant window. In my eight years of teaching I had a room with a window only one time. The window faces east providing gorgeous views of the sunrise every morning. Since it wasn't sunrise when we went, I'll give you a gorgeous view of Joe instead.
Another one of my favorite areas of Billy's room is his display of family pictures. (It appears I need to give him some updated pictures of us. Hmmm, maybe I'll do that for his birthday. Oh, you want to know when it is? This Wednesday, August 26. Oh, and he's turning 30. I'm not poking fun at him, mind you. It's just that I've had to endure my fair share of age-mockery considering I turned 30 half a decade ago. Seriously.)

Daniel and Mikea trying out the desks. If you're thinking it looks like they fit pretty well in those chairs it's because the small chairs and desks were mistakenly ordered instead of large ones.

Future Masters Elementary School student.

The kids had a blast running up and down the halls and it was great to see many old friends who moved over from our previous school to Masters.


Rachelle said...

Yay for younger husbands. Happy 30th Billy! Your classroom looks great.