Monday, July 27, 2009


We're still waiting for Baby Brother to come home. The hospital called this morning to say he's ready to be released, but they can't get reach his CPS worker. Our case worker hasn't been able to reach him either. So, we wait.

We did get to visit the baby last Friday. Billy and I took turns going to the hospital where we were able to feed him. He's adorable - he looks a lot like Joe. I've never been in a hospital nursery before - I couldn't get over the sight of all those little babies swaddled in their blankets, little caps on their heads, sleeping in plastic tubs on wheeled carts. The doctors and nurses were so friendly, so caring. It gave me comfort knowing Baby Brother has been in good hands for these first few days of his life.

Billy's sister Kellie arrives from Michigan tonight. She was already planning on visiting before we knew we were getting the baby and I think that is another example of God's timing. Joe, Daniel, and Mikea love Kellie and having her here will make things much easier on me and Billy as we adjust to having a newborn in the house!

UPDATE: We're picking Baby Brother up from the hospital tonight at 5:00!