Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strategeries for Potty Training

Dan wanted to share a few "toilet learning" tips with you.

1. Always be prepared. A backwards cap, plastic dinosaur, and a book are all a must. And by all means, do not let any of them go!
2. Concentrate. An open mouth works well for this. Keep holding those toys. 3. Enlist a buddy to provide moral support.. A sister with wild hair and boy's pajamas works every time. But remember - don't drop your book or your dinosaur!

Daniel does a great job of sitting still when he's on the potty seat. Mikea is very squirmy and climbs around on it. She recently discovered what happens when you go on the potty when the lid is closed. We've had one or two successes with them, but honestly I'm not making a big deal about getting this done. It'll happen when they're ready. Or when I'm ready. And because my house currently looks like this, I'm not spending a lot of time putting kids on potty chairs: