Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scenes from a Football Field

Today we excursed to another park. What's that you say? Excursed isn't a word? But did you understand what I meant? Well then, I see no problem. Anyway, the highlight of our outing was letting the 500 Babies Toddlers run loose on a giant football field. Never before have had they had such freedom. It was great.

After a while Joe began having some obedience issues and was sent to sit down for a break.
Mikea quickly trotted over to where he sat. It may appear that she came over to delight in Joe's misfortune. Doesn't her expression seem to say, "Hey guys, check it out. Joe's in trouble."

But that was not the case. Sweet little sister came over to comfort big brother, patting him on the back, consoling him in his misery.

"Big brother, I will sit with you in your time of sadness. Your grief is my grief. Your pain is my pain. Your struggles are my struggles."

When it was time to get up, she offered Joe a helping hand. Couldn't we all use a friend like that?