Sunday, April 12, 2009

500 Babies Dye Easter Eggs

The trick to dyeing Easter eggs with 500 Babies is to keep everything simple. No stickers, no egg wraps, no gimmicks. (Seriously egg-dye manufacturers, do you really think we are fooled? A one-inch punch-out circle of cardboard is not a "fun disc".)

We did use the egg holders as bracelets.

You may think these half-full wine glasses are another trick used in helping the adults survive this experience. But they are filled with dye and we just wanted the kids to have a better look at how the process works. (The rest of the cups were plastic.)

Joe did a great job and was very careful with his eggs.

Daniel, not so much. He chucked his egg into the cup, cracking it, and then alternated between sticking his hand in the cup and putting the spoon in his mouth. His legs still had blue spots on them this morning.
The end result. And if you are one of the few people reading this blog who doesn't know us personally, pay no attention to the egg with a little girl's name on it starting with an M. :)