Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Bash: 500 Babies' Style

Here's how the 500 Babies celebrated New Year's Eve. Wow, what fun!Despite how unenthused they appear, the kids really did have a great time. We hadn't planned on eating out, but we were running errands, dinnertime was looming, and vanilla wafers can only buy you so much time. Kids' pizza places are never my first choice, but we had a coupon and it's always nice to go somewhere where you know kids are welcomed, there will be plenty of high chairs, and no one cares if your children make noise. It's a lot more relaxing for the parents.

We also like that our kids are too young to realize you're supposed to put money in the rides:

All in all it was a fun evening, with the exception of when I caught a little girl cheating on the skee ball game and "winning" tons of tickets. I told the worker at the prize counter what she was doing, and a few minutes later the girl's brother did the same thing and got caught by the worker. Billy and I debated telling the kids' parents, because we would certainly want to know if our children did something like that, but you just never know how some people will react so we didn't.


Jamie said...

that's hilarious about the rides and so true. They look like they had the time of their lives!