Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Recap

The Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Event was a bit harder this year than I expected, but no less joyful. The Christmas Eve service was challenging because we had to go back and forth to the nursery at least three times to exchange kids. One of the nursery workers was late so we decided not to leave all three of ours in there like we had planned. We left Dan and Kiki but then Kiki needed her diaper changed and the nursery worker couldn't do it because she had too many other kids to watch so she called us during the service to come help. We decided to take Dan and Kiki into the service and leave Joe in the nursery. Well, Kiki wouldn't stay quiet so after a few minutes I brought her back to the nursery and by that time the other worker showed up so I felt ok to leave her.

Our kids were very tired afterwards, but they picked up a second wind at Aunt Lani's house (more like a second tornado of wind), where we somehow managed to contain the damage to only one broken candlestick and some spilled Big Red on the carpet. The next day was a true Christmas miracle - all three children made it through an entire church service! (It only took four adults and one 10-year-old to manage the feat. Thanks, Hobratschk family!) Despite a late night and early morning, the kids were in good moods most of the day and had a blast playing inside and outside with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The only damage at Grandma and Grandpa's house was caused by me. (Mom, I knocked over the little clothespin reindeer on the big shelf and his antler fell off. I told Dad but I forgot to mention it to you. Oops. Sorry!)

We didn't open our own presents until yesterday morning and finally let the kids get into their stockings yesterday evening. It was a lot of excitement and a lot of traveling and we are still recovering, but we're so blessed to have been able to share the holiday with our families. I hope your Christmas was blessed as well!


Rachelle said...

Isn't it amazing the damage that can result from having children? (Even by the parents?) We broke at least three ornaments on our own tree this year. And at least two bulbs on the grandparents' tree. It's like a whirlwind....