Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Geekums is one of our nicknames for Kiki, so if you hear us calling her "Geek", know that we are not insulting her. Geekums evolved from Keekums which evolved from Kiki which evolved from her real name. She picked up the nickname "Kia" at church and at home she is also known as "Little Mama".This little girl brings more joy than I ever thought possible into our home. She pats and hugs the boys when they are sad, rips her diaper off and runs through the house when she's feeling mischievous, and dances every time she hears music. (Her signature move is bouncing up and down on her knees with one arm outstretched in front and the other arm behind her.) She's loud, she's tough, she's a sweetheart. You can always tell when Kiki wants a little extra love because she holds you so tight and clings even tighter if you try to set her down.

Little Geekums, we love you!