Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun at the Polls

I voted early today. Here are three observations about my experience:

1. The election worker who signed me in was named "John McCain". No kidding.

2. I was asked by two separate individuals if this was my first time voting (because I look young.) It's actually my fifth presidential election.

3. A voter in front of me asked the election worker if there was a "cheat sheet" in the voting booth that gave the candidates' positions on the issues. Huh???? She was referring to the candidates in the races other than for the presidency, but still.


Rachelle said...

Pretty nervous about this one and very horrified at the gullibility of a lot of the people I know.

Your poll worker wasn't John Jr. was it? I doubt they would let him work at the polls.

Bill Senior said...

Anna: I opened a new account because for whatever reason I lost my old one and could not recall my password. Imagine that. Since the last time I have written to you a lot has happened on both ends. I can not tell you how awesome your family looks! The boys are adorable and Kiki is simply a treasure! I am so proud of what you and Billie have accomplished! Some day soon I hope that Kim and I can travel to Texas and see the kids face to face. Please send me an e-mail with the childrens dates of birth. I have asked your husband on several ocassions but he seems to have a memory lapse! On a more personal note thank you so very much for adding some much joy and happiness to my son's life. You are a very special lady.

Michigan Dad