Thursday, October 23, 2008


During the almost entire year now that we've been parents, I've never gotten sick. Oh a minor cold here, a kidney stone there. But nothing that has really limited by ability to care for the children.

Until yesterday. Until an evil stomach bug descended upon our household. We've gone down in this order: first Dan, then Joe, then me, then Billy. So far Kiki is the only one who hasn't had any issues and I'm praying she escapes it.

Things got pretty hairy around here yesterday afternoon before Billy made it home from school. Fortunately he was able to take care of everyone and get them to bed before he started to get really sick.

So we'll see what happens today.


JT Photography said...

Hope y'all are feeling better... or at least human again!

Rachelle said...

It is the unfortunate truth but parents don't get sick days. And it is really hard to care for one other human being when you are really sick. And you have three! I hope everyone is feeling better.