Friday, July 11, 2008

No Ranting Allowed

This has been the first full week since summer school ended and Billy finally gets a break. (One of these days I'm going to write a post ranting about people who think that it's so easy being a teacher because of the 3-month vacation every summer. But I don't think most of you who visit this blog do so hoping to read a rant.)

So, what have we been doing? Monday was a caseworker visit, I don't remember what we did Tuesday, Wednesday we drove to Kerrville and celebrated my 408th month-birthday with my parents, Thursday was a staffing for Baby Girl M., and today M. had a visit with her mom. So, mostly typical foster family stuff, but nice because I didn't have to do any of it alone.

On Thursday we also squeezed in a quick trip to the zoo and then drove around Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills picking out the house we're going to buy when we retire. Once we got home, however, I realized I could never leave our current neighborhood. Why would I, when we have neighbors with lovely yards like this:
What I want to know is where are the people from the home owners' association who sent us a letter when we had one weed in our yard that was an inch taller than allowed? Or who told us to bring in our empty trash can when in fact it was our neighbors who kept leaving theirs out? (And they still do.) Keep in mind that at least two trash days have come and gone and the junk is still there. And there were two hideous couches that sat out there for several days but have since disappeared.
Wait. This is beginning to sound like a rant. Sorry!