Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adoption Update

Here's where we are:

A couple of weeks ago we were given the go-ahead to proceed with the adoption of the boys! We sent in our paperwork and just found out that we won't have to get fingerprinted again, which would have delayed everything by several weeks. When the paperwork is finalized we will go to court and do the adoptive placement and consummation of the adoption all at the same time. We have been blessed with how quickly and smoothly the process is going!

The situation with Baby Girl M. is not as promising. We have known for over a month now that a relative has stepped forward to adopt her. A home study will have to be completed and various people will have to approve it, but our chances of adopting her appear to be very small at this point. We have no idea how much longer she will be with us. I try not to think about it because it just hurts too much. All we can do is thank God for each day she is with us and enjoy her while she is still a part of our family.


Bill Senior said...

So Kim and I are both a little curious as to how much longer before we can finally see the adorable faces of our newest grandchildren? Are we talking days, weeks, or months? Just curious in Michigan

Anna said...

It's still hard to say, but my guess would be a few weeks. We read the boys' file last Friday and contacated the attorney we will be using. Some of it depends on how long her current case will take. But we are definitely very close!