Monday, July 14, 2008

My Dog, the Landscape Architect

You may or may not remember that over Memorial Day weekend Billy finished building a deck for our backyard. A couple weeks later he added a gravel pathway complete with stepping stones. The last part was to be the landscaping between the path and the house, which I completed over the Fourth of July weekend. All I did was put in some caladiums and mulch, but the end result looked quite sharp.

But Darcy had her own opinions about how the area should look. She prefers more of a trampled, messy look, so she decided to do a bit of rearranging: She looks quite pleased with herself, doesn't she?

Just when I begin to think she's outgrown all of the destructive habits she had when I first got her, she does something like this. So now in my SPARE TIME, of which I have an abundance, I will be picking bits of mulch out of gravel. Thanks, Darcy!