Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Kick-Off

The "Fummer of Sun" has begun!  Oh, I mean "Summer of Fun".  Yikes.  Listen,  I had to get up 6 times between midnight and 6 this morning, so my brain's a little foggy.  Three times were for Joe (he needed a tissue, then he lost his tissue in bed, then he was scared to go to the bathroom), two times were to feed Rebekah, and the sixth time was a false alarm when I thought I heard a little voice calling out, "Mom".

Anyway, now that school's out for the summer I have two whole months to enjoy with my husband at home.  Obviously I'm relieved to have the extra help with the kiddos, but I also just love having my best friend with me all day long.  We've got tons of fun activities and outings planned for the family this summer and we kicked things off Saturday night with a birthday celebration for Nana!  Nana is the children's great-grandmother and she is one amazing lady.  We were honored to celebrate her special day with her!

Then on Monday we celebrated Uncle Nate's birthday and the children met many of their cousins for the first time.  For some reason my camera refused to work so there are no shots of the glorious occasion.  But after consuming inordinate quantities of ice cream, candy, cake, and Slim Jims (ok, Mikea was the only one who ate the Slim Jims), the kids were moving so fast the camera probably wouldn't even have captured them.  You think I'm kidding, but just ask anyone who was there.

These two birthday celebrations were a great reminder of how blessed we are by our families.  Our children were surrounded with loving, warm, and fun individuals who are true gifts to us.  We love you,  Extended Family Members!!!