Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joyful Day!

Nine months ago God placed this tiny wisp of a child into our arms and our hearts...
and last Friday we were blessed to officially welcome Rebekah Vivien into our family!
Energy levels were high as the big kids excitedly waited for the adoption ceremony to begin.
We came prepared with stickers and snacks and managed to keep the kiddos relatively quiet during the ceremony.  In a matter of moments, our family was made complete!
After the ceremony Adrian took advantage of a brief moment of freedom to take off running through the crowd of people gathering to pose for pictures with the judge.  When I finally cornered him at the back of the room, I saw where he was headed:  the table of cupcakes and candy!  I really can't blame him, now can I?
Speaking of the cupcakes...oh dear, let's just move on.
After the ceremony we were joined by a small group of friends and family for a celebration lunch.  Adrian had a power nap between the ceremony and lunch, so he was fully recharged and ready for action.  Thank goodness Aunt Deb was there to take control of the little guy for us!
While waiting for our meal, Joe was introduced to the world of Angry Birds.  
And here we have the star of the show, all pooped out from the excitement of her big day.
Relief, joy, gratitude.  That pretty much sums up our emotions for the day!  Thank you, God, for bringing sweet Rebekah into our lives and allowing us to become her Forever Family!


Laura said...

So happy for you! What a beautiful joyful family! Great pictures!

Rachelle said...

It is so great to see all five FACES. Rebekah and the others are so blessed that they have you and Billy for parents.