Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rebekah Is Six Months Old!

It's hard to believe that on Sunday our little miracle turned six months old! We've completed the first step of the adoption process, the HSEGH (Health-Social-Educational-Genetic History), and the next step is to get a developmental assessment completed on her.  In the past two weeks we've lost both our agency caseworker (3rd staffing change in 4 months) and Rebekah's TDFPS worker.  We're doing our best to remain optimistic that the adoption process will still go as quickly as possible despite all of the changes in staff members.  We are so ready to be D-O-N-E with the regulations and red tape and start living life as a "normal" family!

You can see from the pictures below how big Rebekah's getting!  She'll be officially weighed tomorrow, but I'm guessing she's around 12-13 pounds.

Little Rebekah is nothing but a delight, quick to share her sweet smiles with everyone and she has begun gurgling and cooing in conversation with us.  She's sleeping much better at night and can sleep soundly for stretches of up to 4 hours at a time!
She's been taking a special high-calorie formula and a daily vitamin up to this point, but we expect her doctor to take her off of those at her next check-up. 

After the rough start to her little life, we are so thankful that God has allowed our Rebekah to grow and thrive in such a remarkable way!


Rachelle said...

Great news! I was thinking recently that you don't post as often...This was followed quickly by the realization that you have FIVE children. I'm just glad you post at all.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was awesome. I thought of you. (Did you see my travel article?)

Laura said...

I had a rough day at work....thanks for posting, you made me smile. She's thriving because you two are such wonderful parents. God be praised!