Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adventures at the Hospital

If you would have told me that between me and my husband we would be spending the majority of the past six days at three different hospitals in two different cities, I would've said, "Not possible."  (Of course I also never would have believed that we'd ever take two kids to the ER in one night, either.)   But, that's exactly what happened this week. One of the patients was the little cutie you see below, and the other was my mother who I doubt would appreciate pictures of her in the hospital plastered all over the Internet.  The good news is both ladies are much better and resting comfortably at home.
Rebekah was hospitalized with a viral respiratory infection.  I'll spare the details except to say we had taken her to the doctor twice last week and again this week when she was sent to the ER.  All of our kids had been sick the week before but it hit Rebekah the hardest because she's a preemie and therefore more susceptible to these types of things.
The time I spent in the hospital was a bit of a break from the grind of daily life, yet tiring in its own way.  Billy and I switched shifts, each spending two nights with her.  Family and friends pitched in to help care for the big kids, transport Joe to and from school, and help Billy prepare substitute work for his classroom.  And of course there were so many more people who offered their prayers and words of encouragement - thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Rachelle said...

Oh wow! I'm exhausted for you. I hope everyone is feeling better.