Monday, March 7, 2011

Project: Simplify

Want to get organized and simplify your life?  Nothing sounds better to me!  So for the next 5 weeks I'm participating in Project: Simplify over at Simple Mom. Each week Tsh will announce a hot spot in our home.  We have the week to declutter, clean, and organize that area and then share the results (including before and after photos) on Friday.

To prepare, Tsh asked everyone to write a family purpose statement. This is an important first step, she says, because, "When you make your home better suited to your family’s purpose, then it’s easier to care about where things go, what stays and goes, and how clean (or disheveled) it is. It’s easier to live there, because it feels like home."  Amen!

Billy and I had already started writing a family purpose statement several months ago during one of our date nights, but we never finished it.  So last night we brainstormed some ideas and this is what we came up with:

We will live our lives guided by God’s word, daily aiming to:

As individuals ~
Being kind, forgiving, honest, selfless, diligent, playful, and lifelong learners.

As a family ~
Putting each other first, working together, and embracing healthy habits.

As members of our community ~
Sharing God’s love through our words and deeds.

I printed it up, put it in an empty frame I had sitting in drawer, and voila! now our family has a purpose!

If you're interested in joining us, head on over to Simple Mom today and find out what this week's first hot spot is!  I've only gotten as far as my before photos (shudder), but the beauty is I still have the rest of the week to finish.  Come on!  You know you want to!


Jamie said...

voila...we have a purpose! that cracks me up, because you've always had a purpose...but it's nice to put it on paper! I am working on simplifying my WHOLE house at once, how's that? I'm hoping that when we move and try to unpack this mess that I can just say, eh, we don't need it give it away...I'm already trying to do that but I have a feeling I need to do it more.