Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potty Training the Wonder Twins

Let's just get the cuteness out of the way and start with a photo of the Wonder Twins back in the day:

All together now, "Awwww!"

Ok, on to business:
I try to keep the bathroom stories to a minimum around here.  Really, I do.  If you're relatively new to my blog and you're not squeamish, you might want to read about the time the contents of a diaper went missing or the time Dan exploded.  But it's entirely up to you.  I refuse to claim responsibility if you're grossed out.

Anyway, a year ago while Joe was learning how to use the toilet I remember thinking what a circus it was going to be when Daniel and Mikea would be potty training together. (It really was pure madness back then.) I'd been making half-hearted attempts every now and again, but a few weeks ago I finally decided enough was enough and we just had to get serious about this potty training business.  And you know what? We've actually had a lot of success.  I think the success if due to two factors: The kids are truly ready for it now and I reward them with M and M's.  Forget the sticker charts.  M and M's are the ticket.

However, there are still many days where the madness takes over again.  Let me set the scene from a couple of weeks ago . . .

There are five of us all crammed into our downstairs half-bathroom.  The kids have just finished lunch and have been taking their turn on the toilet before they go down for naps.  Joe is standing on the stepstool at the sink washing his hands: I am reminding him the proper washing sequence and technique.  Daniel is perched on the toilet: I am coaching him on how to "aim" and not make a mess.  (I am sitting on the floor directly in front of him so if he misses, I am toast.)  Mikea has already finished her business and is wiggling around on the floor:  I am trying to put a clean diaper on her.  In the middle of all this Baby A. is crawling on top of me:  I am trying to keep him from climbing onto the toilet and getting in the way.  And they're all talking/babbling/screeching at once.  And I think to myself, "I am going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.  And now I will laugh just to keep myself from crying."  And I did.

I must confess that now I get a kick out of how proud the kids are when they put on their underwear or how cute it is when Mikea asks for her "W".  (For some reason she started calling M and M's "W's" and although I'd love to think it's because she recognizes that an upside-down M looks like a W, I don't think that's why.)  And I should add that even though Joe's a master at using the toilet, sometimes he likes to bypass the hand-washing so we give him an M and M if he remembers to do it on his own.

All-in-all it's pretty easy to forget the headaches of it all and see the big picture:

Oops, not that big picture . . . the big picture that the 500 Babies are growing up and I'm simply beyond blessed to guide them through these precious days!


Rachelle said...

You're good at this. Potty-training has brought me to tears a lot. I think I'll ship my last one to you when the time comes.