Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Your Favorite Knife?

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After 9 hours of wall-to-wall toddlers, by the end of the day I crave adult conversation.  So for our weekly date I printed out sample questions from Table Topics. (You can print 5 or 6 questions from most of the Table Topics versions - Family, Couples, Food, etc.) My husband and I then cozied up on the couch, took turns choosing questions for each other, and enjoyed an evening of great discussion.

Below is a reenactment staged purely for my own personal entertainment purposes.

"Which is more important: intelligence or common sense?"
"What possession of your partner's would you like to throw away?"
"What's your favorite knife?"
For the fifth date it was Billy's turn to plan! We had it on a Wednesday because he was traveling out of town for the next four days.  The main activity was feasting on cinnamon rolls creating "lists" of some of our favorite things (color, song, word, game, place, Bible verse) and decorating them with markers and crayons.  I told you my husband was creative, didn't I?  It was fun discussing our choices and guesssing what we thought the other person would choose for their favorites.  He also had the great idea of putting together a scrapbook of our dates, including photos and artifacts of the dates such as the Monkey Poems and this week's lists. We then played Smart Mouth, a favorite game from our dating days.
Both of these dates gave us an opportunity to have conversations about something other than kids and work and allowed us to learn a little more about each other in the process!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very creative date! I love the idea of all the favorites.

Brandy said...

You guys have some great ideas! I really like the idea of a scrapbook and I am pretty sure that my husband would NEVER suggest one.

overtiredmum said...

I'm with Brandy - there is no way my husband would ever come up with anything so creative!

And what is your favourite knife - does anyone have a favourite knife? And if they did would you want to live with them?! Will look at the lists of questions they sound fun.

Your toddlers make very cute actors xo

Anonymous said...

those are such great dates! he did such a great job planning those. thanks for sharing and we'll see you next week!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Rachelle said...

Shivers ran down my spine when I read "traveling out of town for four days." I hope you do better with that than I do. I call Grandma for help. :)

Great creativity!

Anna said...

Rachelle, I did two days by myself and then my sister came to the rescue. There was NO WAY I would have survived otherwise!

Marian said...

The scrapbook of the dates is a great idea! My husband and I have made some fun things that would make great memories and I have just piled them in a "do something with these" pile.