Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Going On

1. Our offer on the new house was accepted! Another buyer made a similar offer on the same day we did, but the sellers decided to go with us. We move in about 10 days.

2. Everyone in our household has been sick over the course of the last two weeks. Nothing too serious, but we're all weary of feeling yucky and are ready to feel better.

3. The kids are having a blast with their Grandpa and Mim who are visiting for the first time from Michigan! I think Grandpa and Mim were having fun, too, until they got sick. (Wonder how that happened?)

4. We are still waiting and praying about the situation with Baby A. So far his CPS case worker has not heard from the baby's mother, so it is looking more and more doubtful she will not get him back. His grandmother has stated that she wants custody of the baby, but there are issues with her situation as well which would make it unlikely for her to be a placement. We are very optimistic about our chances of adopting him.