Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 500 Babies on the Move

One of the biggest challenges in moving was keeping the 500 Babies entertained and happy during the final weekend of packing and moving. We had to put everything in storage because there was a five-day difference between closing on the old house and closing on the new one. We also had to try to maintain as much of their routine as possible, despite the fact that they were without beds for several days.

They slept on the floor:

They played with cardboard boxes: (Which we all know kids prefer to real toys anyway.)
At Grandpa and Grandma's house they jumped in Baby A's bed:
And watched deer across the backyard fence:

After a week of transition and excitement, the kids were definitely out of sorts. Mikea began having several crying fits a day, Joe cried at church last Sunday (both at Sunday School and during the Children's Message - something he's never done before), and Daniel? Well, Daniel probably handled the changes the best. He didn't seem to show any adverse affects. (Baby A. did great as well.) Things are slowly getting back to normal, but we are also having to find new systems and routines here in the new house. (More on that later!)