Friday, October 30, 2009

Kiki Turns Two

Last Friday we didn't know for sure that we were closing on our house until about three hours until the appointment. This meant we didn't know where we would be on Saturday for Mikea's birthday. So we decided to celebrate a day early.

For weeks and weeks Mikea has talked about her "doggie cake". She was so excited when we placed it in front of her and began to sing that she tumbled out of her chair and landed directly on top of her head. Poor baby! It was so sad. She's holding a bag of ice on her head in this picture:

She forgot all about her mishap once she tasted her cake and began opening her presents, once of which was a fairy princess outfit that will double as her Halloween costume. Once she put it on she couldn't stop hopping and twirling around and looking at herself in the mirror. It was precious.

We also got her a toy ironing board and vacuum cleaner set, which are now the most sought-after toys by all of the children in our house.

Happy birthday, little sweetheart! We are so thankful to God that He placed you in our lives!