Monday, January 12, 2009

Hairdo and Hair-don't

Kiki's hair continues to be a challenge for me. I've been very lazy lately, just putting it up in a single ponytail. But because I need to start practicing other styles and because Kiki needs to get used to sitting in her chair while I do her hair, Sunday morning I attempted five twists:

It's still a fairly basic style and the parts aren't very neat, but I was satisfied with the results. It took about 45 minutes. The hair on the very back of her head is still several inches shorter than the rest, so that part is a little hard to do. But it was all worth it just to watch her smile and shake her head to feel the twists and barrettes hitting her head.

This is what happened recently when I washed Kiki's hair and didn't comb it out until the next morning:

I love the little corkscrew spirals! But I definitely won't let this happen again!