Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tough Little Cookie

Whew. If Billy and I are blessed to become the parents of sweet little Kiki, I suspect we are in for an enormous parenting challenge. Her strong-willed, aggressive nature is starting to show in earnest and I want to start figuring out now how we are going to handle her. Just this morning she's already snatched toys out of Daniel's hands leaving him crying, chased after Joe and nearly pushed him down to get the toy he was holding, and threw a tantrum when she was tired complete with screaming, arched back, kicking legs, and flailing arms. Let me remind you she is 10 months old, and they are almost-1 and 2.

Of course she is also incredibly sweet and loving. She's the one who holds on tight and hugs me back when I cuddle her. She loves kisses, especially from Daddy. Most of the time she's happy, smiling, and content.

But what she wants, she does everything she can to get. And right now the boys are generally passive when she steamrolls over them to get her way. I forsee many epic battles in the future if they ever decide to fight back.