Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Go to Your Kennel"

Up until about 9 months ago, we used kennels for Bradley and Darcy at night and whenever we would go out. So a common phrase in our home was, "Go to your kennel." But with all the baby equipment taking over our house, there just wasn't room for them anymore so we switched to plain old dog beds. But we still used the phrase "Go to your kennel" when we wanted the dogs to go to their beds. Well one day for fun I told Joe to "Go to your kennel" to see what he would do and of course he walked over to one of the dog beds and sat down. (This was last January or so.)

Somehow we began using the word "kennel" for the babies' play yards. I guess it's because we used them as beds for a while (still do for Daniel) and really, what do you call it? Playpen? Play yard? Bed? Kennel rolls of the tongue easier. At least in this house.

(This photo shows another reason we took down the kennels.)