Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Use Your Noodle

Yesterday I shooed the kids outdoors to enjoy the beautiful, balmy day.  With the chilly weather on its way I wanted them to soak in the warm sunshine while they could.  Only in South Texas can you enjoy 78 degrees one day and then drop down to 18 degrees the very next!  Rumor is we may even seen snow on Thursday.  I'll let you know.

Anyway, the kids set upon themselves to prove that you don't need a body of water to utilize a pool noodle.  See for yourselves:

I wish I could tell you exactly what they were up to.  They claimed to be building a gate, which is quite possible because their dad was on the other side of the yard building a gate to enclose our dogs in their very own special place.  The dogs need their own special place because they are ruining our backyard. They are digging holes, ruining the grass, and of course, pooping everywhere.  So we're fencing in the side yard and reclaiming the rest of our back yard for the humans.

Here's Adrian watching Daddy work.  (Power tools were involved so for safety's sake he had to be restrained in his chair.)
And this little darling was inside helping me make dinner.
I've decided to stop posting pictures of Rebekah's face because, well, I'm not really supposed to until she's been adopted.  Today we learned that there's a chance that the fast-track she's on could happen even faster if the judge decides to bypass the 6-month waiting period.  Now that would be awesome!  We've been having a few "hiccups" with our agency lately and we are just ready to close out this chapter of our lives of being foster parents. We're weary of the extra layer of stress that being a foster family adds to our already busy lives.  It's been a wonderful blessing, obviously, because we've been blessed with 5 beautiful children, but we are ready to begin living our lives with a little more normalcy and freedom.


Jamie said...

hope it all goes fast and smoothly. The big kids were outside all afternoon yesterday and lovin' it! Today...cold! relatively speaking!