Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loving Day

Loving Day, as Joe calls it, started off with the creating of Valentine cards for Daddy. 

Then I got into a "mood" that I couldn't seem to shake, brought on by a number of things, but mostly expectations for the day that I was unable to fulfill.  Things like Valentine's Day group shots that didn't happen, decorations that didn't get made, misplaced gifts, etc...the "things" that when you get down to it really don't matter. 

Fortunately Daddy arrived home from work ready to save the day and gathered the kids in the kitchen to make heart-shaped pizzas.  And I realized that the good stuff is spending time with those dearest to my heart and how blessed we all are to make these memories together.
My husband also brought me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers...which of course brought a smile to my face.
 I hope your Loving Day was spent with those closest to your heart!


Rachelle said...

Oh I can so relate to moods that happen because I build up my expectations for what I can accomplish. Thanks for admitting that! Aren't you thankful for a husband who is grateful for what you do and doesn't ask you to meet your expectations?! Lovely flowers! Lovely children!