Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Day of School

Yesterday was a huge day for Joe (and his mama!)  He had his first day of Pre-K!
There wasn an enthusiastic send-off from Daniel and Mikea.
 He needed a little assistance with his "pack-pack" loaded down with supplies.
Lucky for Joe, Daddy will be right there at school with him every day.  (This makes Mom VERY happy as well.)
 Getting ready to go inside.
The long walk down the hall.  He looks a little anxious here, but I can tell you that Joe was beyond excited all week in anticipation of going to school.
We had a community of "spies" checking on him throughout the day and from all accounts Joe seemed to have a great first day.  We are truly blessed to have an abundance of caring friends at school who I know will always be looking out for Joe.
When Joe got home he informed me that kids who go to school have to do homework.  He practiced writing his name one time, decided he was finished, and then explained that kids who go to school have to "check the computer" when they get home.  Oh, ok Joe.  Whatever you say!
He also declared that, "Chocolate milk is my favorite!"

You may be wondering why we changed our minds and decided to send Joe to school when our plan up until now had been to keep him home until he's old enough for Kindergarten next year.  That's an excellent question...and I think we have a pretty good answer.  But it'll have to wait for now!