Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daniel is Three!

Yesterday Daniel completed his third revolution around the sun!  Not that we saw the sun, of course, since Tropical Storm Hermine decided to pay a visit, knock out our power for six hours, and dump so much rain on us that we are in the process of ripping up carpet and replacing part of the pad in our living room.  But despite all that, I know Daniel had a "cool awesome" day, as he likes to say.  I had already baked and decorated his requested robot cake before the electricity went out and the rain stopped in time for us to cook hamburgers on the grill since we had no power.

When Daniel opened one of his presents he said, "Look, a fat guy!"  Well of course it wasn't a fat guy, it was a "Robo-Sapien" which is apparently a robot that looks a little more human than robotic. What is it with kids and robots, anyway?  The most requested song in our house these days is "I've Got a Robot". If you need a catchy tune to hum all day (what's that called - an earwig?  earbug?) check it out.

Now for the next six weeks (until Mikea's birthday) our children are ages 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Imagine that!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday dan the man!!!