Monday, January 25, 2010

News from Baby A.

Baby A. has bronchitis again.  Poor little dude is getting nebulizer treatments 4 times a day, steriods, and a decongestant.  A lot of meds for a guy only 6 months old!  But he's still his happy, content little self, dragging himself around the house with his army crawl and getting into anything that's left on the floor.  His favorite thing to do is move the dog food bowl back and forth across the tile in the kitchen to hear the scraping sound.  That's NOT my favorite sound!

As far as his "case", for us the best case scenario would have been moving forward with the adoption now that 6 months have passed.  But in December his birthmom and grandmother began contacting CPS so now birthmom has to be given a chance to work to get him back.  But it doesn't sound like right now she's making much of an attempt other than a phone call to CPS now and then. Baby A.'s CPS worker seems to think birthmom won't follow through and has been vocal about wanting A. to stay with us. So we'll see. 


Rachelle said...

Get better baby!