Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Next Big Project

Now that we've adopted Mikea, we are getting serious about our next life-changing event: selling our house and buying a bigger one. We live in a two-bedroom, 1100 sq. ft. home that barely contains two adults, three kids, and two dogs. We didn't anticipate getting so many kids so quickly.

I've watched enough HGTV to know that buyers probably won't like the bright green, yellow, and blue walls that make up half of the house. Combine that with the toys lying around everywhere, the kids' art work hanging on the walls, and they'll think they walked into a preschool.
We've already started on a number of projects. About all I can do is pack and paint, so I do what I can while the kids are napping. Billy has the hard stuff: replacing quarter round, putting new tile in the kitchen floor, installing bathroom fixtures, getting the yard in shape, etc. The problem is he's still teaching summer school half days plus working on a writing certification that requires him to read and summarize 30 books and articles over the next few months. He has to work on that a couple of hours each night.
Our deadline is July 6. I plan on posting room-by-room updates to share our progress as we go. Hopefully it won't be too boring. These are the helpers we hired:

Looks to me like they're goofing off on the job. Why is it so hard to find good help these days?