Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Happy Day"

I tried to teach the kids to say "Happy Father's Day" and while no one got it exactly right, they were all very cute in their attempts. Throughout the day Mikea would say "Happy Daddy" and "Happy Day" when I reminded her.

We kept the Father's Day activities low-key because we are now up to our necks in home improvement, plus we had to deal with a dead battery in our van last night. (Fortunately, at least for me, Billy was the one driving and no kids were with him.) We are living at Home Depot and Lowe's these days. Sometimes we take our work crew with us to the store, but as you can see from the picture all they do is goof off just like they do at home when they are supposed to be working.
So far this week we installed new fencing in the front of the house (with help), painted the living room, installed a chair rail in the dining room, and replaced the fixtures in the bathroom. Of course you know that "we" means Billy. I help with the painting and try to keep the kids out of the way. I'll post pictures once the work mess is out of the way.
We're still trying to enjoy the summer, so we toss the kiddos into the pool once in a while for a little hot-weather fun:

Happy Father's Day! Happy Summer! Happy Day!