Friday, April 12, 2013

Holy Saturday at Mission Espada

Well, this little photo shoot almost didn't happen.  Billy and I had discussed taking the kids to one of the missions for Easter pictures but never made definite plans for when we would do it.  Mikea had been sick during the week, we had a last-minute visit from our new caseworker Friday morning, plus all the extra preparation for a holiday had worn us down, so Saturday morning rolled around and Billy asked if I wanted to do pictures that day. My first reaction was, "Ummm....when I have the opportunity to around and enjoy the one morning a week I don't have any obligations, instead do I want to bathe 6 kids, iron 6 outfits, and do 3 sets of hair?  Hmmm let me see.....that would be a big fat NEGATORY, thanks."  But Billy correctly surmised we'd probably regret NOT doing it and volunteered to give the baths (which he always does, by the way) so I got myself to ironing and I am SO GLAD we went for it! 
We hadn't been back to Mission Espada since 2008 when we took our tiny brood of 3 babies for Easter pictures.  Five years later our family has doubled Billy has halved.  See for yourself:



Without further ado, here are a few snapshots from our afternoon:

Here the boys are looking for trolls.  No really, they were looking for trolls.
The kiddos did a little exploring of the mission grounds.  All went well until Rebekah got her head stuck in a stone fireplace.  Luckily she extracted herself without too much damage, only a minor scrape to her forehead.
One of my favorites! Although Katy isn't looking that's ok because otherwise I really couldn't share it with the world just yet.  :)
Tree climbing time!  Mikea was determined to climb higher than the boys and she succeeded.
Joe didn't care how high he climbed.  He was just thrilled to be in a tree.  When's the last time YOU climbed a tree?
I am so blessed to be mama to these beautiful little humans!   

Show me your eggs!

Hey, who's this guy?  Only my best friend, the love of my life, that's who.

One more and then it's time to head home:
Happy Easter!


Rachelle said...

Beautiful family!