Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans

How do the 500 Babies celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Well, for starters we made a leprechaun trap complete with instructions for the naughty little guy to disobey (Do NOT climb the ladder!) and money for him to grab and then presumably fall through the tissue-paper top right into the trap.
Presumably.  In the morning we discovered that not only did the leprechaun escape (he pulled the ladder inside the trap and built stairs out of green legos) but we found evidence of much mischief, including a puddle of green glue.
The little leprechaun also turned the dogs' water green and left little green footprints all over the kitchen floor.  At least he was considerate enough to wipe his feet before he walked on the carpet.
The creepiest thing our visitor did was trim his beard in the bathroom.  Mikea was especially disturbed by the bits of beard left behind.  She told me she wanted the pieces of hair "OUT OF THIS HOUSE!"
That evening we dined on a fruit rainbow...
...Pot of Gold soup, all-green salad, and "blackened" sausage.  (Oops.)
Oh yeah - check out Joe's forehead.  I forgot to mention that that crafty leprechaun painted the kids' heads while they were sleeping!
As a footnote to the St. Patrick's Day mischieviosity, this morning I discovered a new pile of hair in the bathroom.  Oh dear.  Oh dear.
 Then, this:
At first I thought Adrian took the clippers to his own head, but upon cross-examination of all children who are of speaking abilities in the household, it appears that Daniel was the perpetrator while Mikea watched.  Both are guilty in my book.  (But so are the adults for leaving the clippers out - duh!)

Let's just hope that's the end of the mischief, at least for today!


Phyllis said...

You guys are hilarious! Love it!