Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Campers

Earlier this month Billy and the big kids spent a weekend at a Father-Child Retreat hosted by Camp Lone Star.  Last year he just took Joe, but this year we decided the Wonder Twins were ready to go as well. (All seven of us actually spent a weekend there this summer for Family Camp - quite an adventure, let me tell you and one I really should share sometime!)

Anyway, the weekend was all about dads and kids spending time together enjoying God's creation and learning how God is "Mighty to Save".

After a two-hour drive, the happy campers were ready to stretch their legs and seek out their lodgings.
Once everyone was settled in, it was time for games and snacks with the other dads and kids.
The next day was filled with tons of activities, including the one you see below.  But I don't know what it is because I wasn't there.  Ok, so I just asked Daniel and Mikea what it was and they told me they were catching people in the net.  Hmmm....
During one of the Bible study sessions, the kids acted out the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.  Who better to play Joseph than Joseph, complete with a coat that is about as non-multi-colored as you can get!  Oh well, we get the point.
Time to color!
I don't know what frightens me more:  the fact that my daughter is wielding a hatchet or the expression on her face!
Whew, that's better.  I much prefer a ping-pong paddle in her hands and a smile on her face!
Speaking of is Dan the Man reveling in apple cobbler and ice cream bliss. 
A highlight for Joe was posing with the camp's fire truck.  It was purchased due to this year's wildfire danger. 
The weekend also included hiking, S'mores, and a worship service on Sunday morning.
And this is what the weekend was all about: quality time with Dad!  (And a break for Mom, too!)


Rachelle said...

Hang on to that picture of Mikea for the future boyfriend(s).