Tuesday, September 20, 2011

365 Days

~Approximately 1-pound premature baby girl presents to EMS in towel with gasping respirations.  Fire crew suctioned, dried, and cut the cord.  Patient is cyanotic and limp, without palpable pulse.  Patient transferred immediately to unit and ventilated. Chest compressions also started.  Patient began grunting during ventilation and color improved from cyanotic to red.  Upon arrival at ER patient has weak cry, is opening eyes, and moves all extremities.


Happy 1st birthday sweet, precious Rebekah!  You are living proof of God's amazing power, protection, and love!


Laura said...

Thanks be to God for your unexpected blessing. I remember witnessing a mother's heart who began to nurture that little life as soon as she could. It was beautiful to see...and to watch it continue. Happy Birthday, Rebekah!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday sweet beautiful Rebekah! You are an incredible reminder of the grace of God!

Rachelle said...

What a little miracle! And September birthdays are the best!