Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rebekah Vivien

So who's Rebekah Vivien, you're wondering?  Well, the Baby-Formerly-Known-As Adrianna is Rebekah Vivien.  That's the name we've chosen if we get to adopt her and that's what we already call her within our family.  We were keeping the name a secret for a while, but then we told a couple of people and now I don't know who knows and it'll just be easier if we all call her Rebekah, right?  Besides, we still don't exactly know what her given name is because the latest documents we received from TDFPS list her name as Elicia, not Adrianna.  We didn't want to have an Adrian and an Adrianna in our household, so after a few days of careful consideration Billy and I chose the name Rebekah Vivien and we think it suits her very well.

So how's our little girl doing?  The good news is she continues to steadily gain weight.  In fact, last night she surpassed 3 lbs.!  That means she's gained 1 pound in a little less than a month. However, she just tested positive for MRSA, a resistant form of staph.  We're hoping and praying it doesn't develop into something more serious. 

Now prepare yourselves for the cutest pictures EVER:

Ah, the preciousness is just too much!  Last night we were told we can begin bringing in preemie-sized onsies for her, so I'm hoping to squeeze in a quick shopping trip later this afternoon or early evening before Billy goes back to visit her tonight. 

In other news, I think we finally have an adoption date set for Adrian - December 10.  However, last week we found out that an entire packet of paperwork that I sent to the adoption worker was apparently LOST and I have to do it all over again.  But as long as nothing else gets delayed, we should be able to make Mr. Adrian official just in time for Christmas!


Jamie said...

Rebekah is adorable, cute baby great name! And what an incredible Christmas gift mr. A would be!! Praying!

Kara said...

She's beautiful! and Rebekah is a beautiful name :-)

Praying for you all!

phyllis said...

I love the name, Rebekah. She is too precious. I will pray specifically for the MRSA to be gone, soon. She is such a brave little girl.